Beyond access: how do we achieve toilet equity?

Public bathrooms might be one of the places where gender inequalities are the most visible. Yet, often distracted by gender stereotypes about who uses these toilets, we rarely seem to think that longer queues on the women’s side is in fact a structural and political issue. Building on UN Water’s campaign, let’s have a look at what can been done to strengthen toilet equity, and make toilets in public spaces more accessible for all. Read More

Sarah Weddington, lawyer who successfully argued Roe v. Wade, dies at 76

“I felt a mix of emotions when I went before the Supreme Court to argue Roe v. Wade,” Ms. Weddington, who was 26 when she first addressed the justices, told Texas Monthly years later. “I was scared and felt the weight of needing to win for women. I felt reverence for the Supreme Court and what it represented.”

But she was also “aggrieved,” she said.

“I had gone to the lawyers’ lounge … beforehand to go over my notes,” Ms. Weddington recalled. “I found that the lounge had only a men’s room.” Read More